A ‘Huisgeest’ (house spirit) is an imaginary friend, who makes the place you live in truly your own, no matter where you are. Besides the fact that this is a fantasy figure, the Huisgeest also represents the inhabitants of the house and their characteristics.

For this collage series I used photographs as raw material. These photos are partly my own images and partly images from magazines.

The images are glued on a wooden panel and in the end enhanced with paint, which makes the total image more cohesive and to let the separate parts melt together. All these different actions are visible in the final result. The different textures of the used paper, the cuts and the splashes of paint can be seen very clearly. This emphasizes the aspect of time passing by in the whole process and shows the spontaneous and intuitive way of working.

I consider the collage technique as an extension of photography that fits in the tradition of art photography. Its very hard nowadays to find a photo or a photographical idea that we haven’t already seen somewhere before. At collage making you can start with just one image without knowing what comes out in the end.

In this working process the manual aspect is very important, because it limits in a certain way. It’s like working on a puzzle and every part has to fit together. It sometimes takes a few months to find the right image that exactly fits in and finishes the collage. In a regular photographical process, you can directly see what is coming out. You have already seen the image through the lens and the light and the situation with its ingredients are already there. As a photographer, you have to deal with the visible reality of that moment. In collage making, this visible reality can be fully created out of nothing. You can literally add photos from a different place, time and perspective and combine these different moments into one image. A collage is a way of showing how multi layered and connected everything is. This makes a collage resembling real life more, than one single image to me. In real life everything is also layered and visibly or invisibly connected.

‘No title’ is a working title for this series. I will use it until I have found a more suitable one.