Maartje Ansems Art, Photography & Herbology LAB


“My artistic work consists of collages on paper and textile, photographs,

three-dimensional still life’s and site specific actions and projects.”






“Photography is the main medium which I work with, though, the intention behind the images differs.

I distinguish between found, staged and constructed photography.
A photograph could be an end product.


However the act of taking a photo could also be a means to fulfill an other purpose,
for example in a social context.

For some projects I cooperate with other artists
and invite interested people to participate to discover and share the joy of creating together.”

” I challenge myself to keep looking for other ways to express my ideas
by experimenting with different materials and (photography related) techniques such as:

drawing and painting, textile design, 3-dimensional still lifes, collodion photography and short film making.”

“All the wonderful forms, shapes, patterns and colors in nature,
the anatomy of the human body, the complexity of the human mind, ancient cultures,
their stories, symbols, mythology and history inspire me.

“In my work I reflect on human emotions, behaviour and our relation with nature.

I investigate the results of this behaviour on our direct or indirect surroundings
that flow out of the interaction and (dis)connection between the inside and the outside world.”