Recently I cought up with an old passion of mine: textile design. I studied both photography and textile design, but actually using this material to create new work never seemed to work out well…untill now. I love the flexibility and the friendlyness of the material and the fact that there are so many different types of fabrics, structures, patterns and qualities. There are uncountless ways to produce and create art by using texile materials, application, sewing and embroidery techniques and printing procedures, and I would to try all of them!


The only unignorable down size of working with this material is the negative impact that the textile industy has on the environment. I therefore mainly use pieces of recycled and donated fabric and environmentally friendly printing techniques. Over the past years I collected and kept pieces of fabric and clothes and for my project ‘Zusammenfasern‘, a lot of nice people donated fabric and embroidery thread. I have some materials left, that I will definately use for future projects.