Collage I Fotomontage

Collage making is a way to create an image by slowly building it up. In contrast to photography, the material I use is already there and depicts some kind of a reality. I can decide where the frame cuts the scene, from what kind of perspective I want to ‘look’ at it and even change this during the working process. ‘Real’ situations are the starting point for my collages and ‘reality’ is my working material. 

Our dreams and thoughts also consist of ‘real’ images. In our subconscious mind we combine the different events and situations that we have witnessed and stored in our brain into ‘inner images’.

A collage is a visualized and ‘flattened’ thought or dream and is my way of showing what these inner images can look like.

Besides own photographical material, I also use found images for my collage work. Every single image that I use was made with a different context, which allows me to combine situations that are not related. Connections between objects, people and places can be made freely, independent of time, space and perspective. I work both analogue and digital.