My artistic work consists of photographs, three-dimensional still life’s, collages and site specific actions and projects.

Photography is the main medium which I work with, though, the intention behind the images differs. I distinguish between found, staged and constructed photography. A photo or three-dimensional still life can be found, staged or constructed. A collage is by definition constructed.

Photography: My found images show subjects as they “are”, how I have found or hit upon them. The images each have their expressive power, but work together in the form of a series.

To tell a more personal and specific story, I sometimes stage my images. For this purpose, each image has its own function, like a scene in a film, and altogether they make the photo story complete.

Still lifes and collages: A constructed photo or collage is entirety composed or built up and consists out of literally separate images, image parts and objects. Coincidence and spontaneity play a major role during the process of constructing. The image is not predetermined and there is room for new elements and spontaneous promptings.


A tension arises between recognizing and using the value of a found image as such, and creating an artificial situation that would not have been there otherwise, to convey a message.

In my artistic process I ask myself the following questions:

  • What presents itself as soon I am open to it? Am I able to actually perceive it and make connections between the different situations in which I have found these treasures?
  • Where is intervention desirable or necessary and how does this added, personal layer contribute to the expressiveness of the image?
  • To what extent does my spontaneous and intuitive way of working of constructing images, create space for new layers and how can I identify and classify these layers?

Actions and projects: My actions and projects involve photography as well and are also staged. The photographical image or the act of photographing functions as connection between people, or exists as a visual proof that a certain action of event has taken place.






Photo story


3D Still life


Live project