Lab stands for laboratory and is a place for me to playfully discover new techniques and methods and to work out spontaneous ideas. I do this for example by experimenting with old photo techniques, by combining two and three-dimensional forms and images, by painting on photographs or by involving other creative people in a project or idea. Sometimes an experiment is successful and sometimes not. It is mainly about the act of creating and important is the casual and unstrained aspect of it.

new drawings

Das Allgäuer Fenster



I’ve just started making a new still life series with fossiles, gemstones and all kinds of natural materials!


Le Mans



Rembrandt van Rijn

Inspired by the 17th Century Dutch painter Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn.




Lightpainting: The combination of writing with fire (literally), flashlight and a long shutter speed results in this wonderful ‘special’ effect! 


text collage

Text collage made out of cut out words and characters from different newspapers. More text collages.



back bone books

Workshop Artist Book with Claudia de la Torre of Back Bone Books

I have been asking myself following questions: What is a book and what could a book be? Does a book always need a beginning and an end? What does a page have look like, or could look like? Does a book always need text or a title?

I have been looking for a way to visualise the process of making a collage in the form of a book. The different parts of the collage became separate pages and invited the viewer/reader to create new combinations and figures themselves, by turning the pages in their own order.

Thank you very much Claudia for your input and your constructive criticism!


fantasy museum

An imaginative exhibition in an unexpected museum. 

How could it look like when you put real works in different kind of (public)spaces? What kind of place or space works better, a museum with white empty walls, an inpersonal public space, just the street or a monumental building? If it would be a public space, what could the function of this space add to the shown works, how do they mingle. In what way this effects the viewer if he or she isn’t expecting to see art in the first place?

Just some questions, to be continued… 


workshop hochschule für technik

Lightpainting Experiment with Students of the Hochschule Für Technik in Stuttgart 



Cyanotypie experiment

Cyanotypie Experiment (ohne umweltschädliche Chemikalien!!)


botanical still lifes

Oase 2018, botanical figures


the making of a collage

The working process of making a collage