Stof tot nadenken

additional information

Medium: site specific installation and action
in ccoperation with designer Janne Kusters
Title: Stof tot nadenken
Year: 2010
Materials: Fabric, clothing, shoes, paper, pencil

stot tot nadenken

Designer Janne Kusters and photographer Maartje Ansems designed an active exhibition as part of the Tilburg textile weekend. The visitor was invited to contribute to the exhibition by picking out a piece of clothing and writing a fantasized story about the former wearer.

New characters were being built out of different second-hand items of clothing (shoes, trousers, coat, hat, glasses). Together with the pieces of clothing, also parts of a life story of a fictive person were being reconstructed. 

This life story was made up by the visitor himself, who accompanied his choice of clothing by a story about the wearer, written on an accompanying label. In the end, the garments and labels were combined and photographed as real people, consisting of shoes, trousers or a skirt, a jacket or shirt, glasses and headgear.

All the photographed characters were brought together in a book, combined with their own reconstructed life stories.